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Jump Jump and Away!!

My name is Salina, I started this awesome business in July 2012. How and why?!?....well why not, my vision to enjoy life. It's too short and we have to celebrate and do fun things if and when we can. So I want to help you create those awesome memories. Friendly customer service, dependable, clean, and affordable are things that are important to me, so like we were all taught treat others how you want to be treated. Plain and simple from scratch, we have made many relationships with our customers since the beginning and continue to do so every day! Each party is important to us! 

Jump Jump and Away is who I am! Along with an amazing team behind me, we work hours on end every weekend to make each and every party the best that we can. So we can ALL walk away with a smile on our faces knowing everyone had a blast from start to finish!! We do absolutly everything we can to make your moments unforgettable! We focus on fun, safety, and cleanliness!! 

We look forward to being a part of your most memorable celebrations! 

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